Who Are You Buying From?

My name is Laura Gawthorpe, from East Yorkshire, England, I am married and have two beautiful young boys.


Laura Gawthorpe

My family

After personally struggling and failing during two pregnancies to find maternity clothes and nursing tops which were fashionable and reasonably priced, I decided to start my own business, buying from similar manufacturers the well-known high street retailers use and instead of adding the massive mark-up, to sell them at almost cost price to you.

The postage is a little bit more (£3 using Royal Mail), but this is to cover the fees it costs to run an online website and take online payments so I am not out of pocket, I hope you understand?

Prior to setting up this business, I was a civil servant juggling a high pressured job, a home, family and deteriorating health. My ‘wow’ moment came when I attended a friends wedding. 

Being a civil servant I had not had a pay rise in a long time and as a result all my money went on essentials and any spare cash was on the children’s swimming lessons and making sure they didn’t go without. Everything I wore was from the sale rail in high street shops or pre-loved from E-bay.

Whilst at this wedding I saw two heavily pregnant women, one looked like she had literally walked off a catwalk……amazing. The dress she had on was insanely beautiful and from the label I caught a glimpse of was VERY expensive.

The second lady reminded me of when I was pregnant…she was clearly uncomfortable in what she was wearing. I caught her numerous times fidgeting with her outfit, the belly band on the dress wasn’t fitting right, it was too tight in places and baggy in others, and in that moment I thought; “It seems so unfair pregnant women have to pay over the odds to look and feel glamourous at a time they feel most vulnerable and insecure”.

On the way home from the wedding, I started researching who were the leading maternity clothes retailers and compared their standard non-maternity priced items vs. the maternity versions they sold. I was saddened to see the mark up on the maternity and nursing garments were so much higher.

Having nothing to lose, I contacted similar wholesalers and factories, borrowed a small amount of cash from my Dad and took the bold decision to order some clothes to check them out for quality and value.

I initially set up an E-bay Business Account ‘FashionablyPregnantUK’ and a Facebook Page ‘@FashionablyPregnantUK’, the support and feedback I received after only a few weeks was amazing.

I wanted a website people could also buy direct from and create a blog and tips section to help other pregnant women and new mums, who are also on a finite budget or simply don’t want to pay over the odds for maternity wear, offering my take on how to stay fashionable and feel your best.

Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANY!!! Eeek, I’m so excited for you! Coming from a family of midwives and nursing, the miracle of pregnancy is something I feel extremely passionate about.

Please feel free to get in-touch, if there is anything you would like me to try and source or a topic I haven’t covered in my Tips/Blog sections you would like my take on.

Lots of love,

Laura x