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How to support my husband

Hi all. I need your advice. My husband who is 48 yrs old has been plucking out his hair for the past 6 years. It's gotten worse recently. We joked about it year's ago, thinking that he was pulling out the grey hair as it appeared but it's gone from just a few hairs occasionally to him developing a 2 inch by 2 inch area of missing hair at the front of his head. It is really noticeable and he will put off having a haircut as long as possible because the hairdresser always comments that it's very strange how the hair is missing in just one area and how it comes and goes. Ive tried to approach it sympathetically to ask why he thinks he does it. I've offered to go to see our GP with him but he won't go and denied that there is a problem. He hides the tweezers in his car now and is plucking out his hair in privacy. My question to you all is how best can I support him and get him the help he so clearly needs. Thank you all in advance.


  • I'd ask him if he feels that he wants to stop, and what he feels when he does it. In my experience, most people don't enjoy or are proud of themselves when they pick, but it's more of a compulsion or stress reliever. It is possibly harder for him to explain why he does it if he himself does not know why. Trick is more of a feeling, a relief, and less of a motive (in my experience at least).

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