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business growth

Lets talk development and success.


  • I thought I would start this thread today because I feel like I am on a massive growth spurt.

    I am conscious that due to just how complicated everything is and how interwoven, there is potential to set myself up to fail.

    Hoping I can stay on top of things.

    I'm going to share this with a few people who are also working on their own businesses in the hope we - as a small group - can keep each other positive and focused.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi, I am new here. I am actually during a ver busy time where my two young children are both at home with me all day so I don't really have time to work on my business when I really should be at the moment because I am a private teacher (self-employed) and I should be pushing during this time to get students together soon and I am just not available for it. Any advice?

  • I have plenty of advice, Elinor, and thanks for posting. I am not sure you will like the advice but it is purely to push on. This week I have managed to write five worksheets, even though my diary is jam packed full.

    If you have a friend who is also starting up a business, a great idea which works well for me is to have a buddy like your old study days. My buddy and I "work together" by text message for an hour. I set a timer for 15 minutes the first time, and we both start work. When the timer runs out we do a quick check in to see how we are both doing and how much work we have done. In that 15 minutes, we have usually written an outline of something we want to work on. Then my buddy sets the timer for 15 minutes, by which time we are to have both started our project - for example written the introduction. Then I set an alarm for 30 minutes and we work again. When my timer goes off, I just say "half an hour is up" and she sets a timer for the next half hour. At the end of that timer, we check in and chat, then I set an alarm for the final 15 minutes when we both wrap up what we have done to our satisfaction. It really results in something that would normally take hours, being done in one hour!!! I will be happy to do a session like that with you sometime if you like.

    Maybe you have talked about this for too long!? Now is the best time to do it.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Neo,
    That sounds like a good idea. I am going to see how this first month will go since they are starting daycare now. If I still feel stuck I will definitely let you know and I would like to try what you suggested above. Lots of love, Elinor

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