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Trichotillomania Support

The Trichotillomania Support forum has been restarted. Perhaps, like me, you remember what a tremendously supportive place the old forums were, with professional advice and true friendships forming.

Excited to get chatting again with old trichotillomania friends, or keen to meet new ones? Come on! Kick start our new forums by telling YOUR story.

For my part, I am Max. I started pulling beard hairs out at 18 and carried on for a long time. I have been pull free for 5 years and still find my hands searching for sharp, new facial hairs. If you have any good tips for me, do let me know and I will do my best to do the same for you.

Best regards,


  • Hi Max,
    I'm Louise and I first remember pulling out my hair at about the age of 11. I pick a strand, play with it for a bit then yank it out. In recent years my pulling has escalated to include eyebrows, arm/leg hairs and also other people's hair (chest/beard etc) if given the chance.

    I've tried to stop but can't. Fortunately I have a lot of scalp hair so it's not really noticeable, but I have hardly any eyebrows left.

    kind regards


  • Hi max and Louise,
    Iv been doing it for a few years on and off but its gotten a lot worse in last few months and now I cant hide the bald patch, wear a baseball cap most of the time.. started CBT this week for other issues but based on what I read, think I will mention it in next weeks appointment. Its good to know theres others out there, looking forward to supporting others when I know more.

    Best regards


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