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urges to pull

How do you experience urges?

For example, my urges were generally feelings on the scalp but nowadays I often get a thought that pulling my hair out would be easier than resisting.

How can you listen to your body better, and your thoughts less? Would it help?

Looking forward to your comments.

Love and freedom


  • Mine are like the idea just pops into my head casually like anything else. It's passive. Pick that bit of paper up from the floor... make a cup of tea... where are my glasses?... go pull my hair out in the bathroom for 2 hours... Never a strong feeling. More like I sleep walked into it every time. I thought I chose to do it actually until the day I tried to NOT do it!

  • That makes a lot of sense, Memo. It can seem as though you are compelled to behave in this way, and for me, those two hours would pass in something of a trance ... it felt like it just happened.

    When I speak to parents of young children who hairpull, I ask them to treat it in the same way they would Tourettes. You know if you shout at someone with Tourettes it will make it worse, but it doesn't stop us shouting at ourselves.

    You can stop though. I last pulled over 15 years ago and if I can do it the rest of you can.

    Love and pull freedom

  • That is an intriguing question and I have hard to think hard about the answer because it is something that I have never really considered. Usually scalp/eyelash soreness, dryness or itchiness will send me to the area then I pull as I think it will relieve the pain. So it is almost like more pain will help the current pain or discomfort. I also do it when I am thinking intensely it like a strong build up and the pulling offer a 'release' in the build up of anxiety. Sometimes I think its just to hard to resist the tug to pull the hair. I feel I have rambled a bit lol.

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