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  • Hi guys - you can contact our team for advice here: And there's more info for scalp and eyelash pulling here:
  • Hi Bambam. We do understand! Have you tried messaging the people at Trichotillomania Support through the website?
  • Hi Jonathan. Sorry you've got it so bad right now . Did you know that this is actually a condition called trichotillomania? You are not alone and there's lots of help around. As a first port of call, I recommend contacting the people at trichot…
  • Hi Joanna. It does help some people I believe but best if the therapist has some knowledge of trich. The general principles can be helpful to some. It's worth looking in to and trying at least. I had CBT for social anxiety and I would say that the s…
  • Mine are like the idea just pops into my head casually like anything else. It's passive. Pick that bit of paper up from the floor... make a cup of tea... where are my glasses?... go pull my hair out in the bathroom for 2 hours... Never a strong feel…
  • Hide the tweezers Heather! It will be tough (really, really tough) but you need to get those things gone. I found the first 3 days after chucking the tweezers really hard, but it does pass. Like Max says - you've got to break that cycle. Pulling whe…