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  • That makes a lot of sense, Memo. It can seem as though you are compelled to behave in this way, and for me, those two hours would pass in something of a trance ... it felt like it just happened. When I speak to parents of young children who hairpu…
  • That is an excellent question, Max thanks for posting it. With trichotillomania, there is generally over-reactivity in the emotional brain systems. This leads to intense feelings, which some experience as anxiety or even depression. When the chemi…
  • I have plenty of advice, Elinor, and thanks for posting. I am not sure you will like the advice but it is purely to push on. This week I have managed to write five worksheets, even though my diary is jam packed full. If you have a friend who is a…
  • I thought I would start this thread today because I feel like I am on a massive growth spurt. I am conscious that due to just how complicated everything is and how interwoven, there is potential to set myself up to fail. Hoping I can stay on top o…